HENRY MORA-CEO, Owner, Founder

Henry is very business-minded.  He started this company with the intention of building a legacy for himself and his children.  He has been in Sales and Customer service most of his life.  He knows how to relate to people on many levels.  Henry is a hard worker who knows what it takes to be successful and is always willing to do it. He is extremely professional.  He leads by example.  He trains his staff by showing them what is expected of them in all situations.  He has no problem dressing up and getting on the microphone or getting dirty hauling in and setting up equipment.



April has a Degree in Business Administration and she has almost completed a Certificate in Bookkeeping.  April is responsible for all of the administrative and office related duties of the business.  She is very detail oriented.  She keeps up with all the paperwork and organizes all of the back-office information.  She handles all of the correspondence to clients, including quotes and contracts.  She does all of the scheduling so everyone knows where they need to be at all times.  She keeps the information on the website fresh and exciting for our clients.  She also takes care of the marketing to ensure that the company is accurately represented.  April is very professional and works hard to portray that same level of professionalism within the business.

She is currently working on becoming a Wedding and Event Planner so that we have another service to offer our clients.








*All of our DJs are young, extremely talented, dedicated, very professional, energetic, technologically savvy, motivated to succeed, and always willing to improve their skills.





Whether playing the bass guitar in the church band or performing in stage productions, Will has always loved entertaining.  His energy can get a crowd to dance to the silliest of songs, like the YMCA or Chicken Dance. From Hip Hop and Top 40, to Country Western and Traditional Mexican music, Will has knowledge of all kinds of music genres to make sure your event is a fun experience for everyone.







Chica’s style is more ‘chill’ compared to her older brother Will, but don’t be fooled, she delivers rocking entertainment. Chica has a amazing talent to read the crowd and keep you and your guests dancing all night! She’s been a singer in her church band and has performed in many school and church plays.  Chica is passionate about music, loves kids, and enjoys entertaining, dancing and having a good time.






Jonah has a fantastic sense of humor.  He can make people laugh just by giving them a “look.”  He has exceptional talent at improv.  He can lighten up any situation with his sense of humor.

He likes to observe the atmosphere for a moment before he opens up and lets his guard down.  Jonah loves to dance, especially with an enthusiastic crowd.  He always enjoys having a good time and wants others around him to do the same.


ISIAH PEREZ (aka “Baby Z”)-DJ

in the Farmington Area

Isiah is constantly on the move, full of life and energy.  He is always positive and always happy.  He loves people and has an amazing ability to make everyone around him smile and have fun in any situation.

Isiah is a great conversationalist.  He can talk to anyone, anywhere, about just about any subject.  He never holds back from talking to people.  He makes friends everywhere he goes.





Chris is our newest and youngest DJ.  He has a very quirky personality.  He likes to be silly and does not take himself too seriously.  He is easy to get along with and he tries to take an interest in each individual person he meets.  He is a Senior in High School.  He plans to attend CNM’s Audio/Visual Technology Program right after graduation.

Chris has an amazing talent for the technical aspects of the entertainment business. He wants to learn how to improve his mixing and scratching abilities so he can become the best Club DJ around…as soon as he is old enough to get into the clubs, that is.